Sen. Judy Lee named 4th most productive state senator in America!

Congratulations to District 13’s Senator Judy Lee on being named the 4th most productive state senator in the country by FiscalNote!

Here is how FiscalNote describes their ranking methodology:

FiscalNote ranks all representatives and senators in accordance with their legislative productivity, defined as how successful a legislator is at sponsoring and steering legislation through each stage of the legislative process. Our proprietary algorithm considers the quantity, endurance, and substantiveness of all bills each legislator sponsors and introduces in their state legislature

Quantity — Legislators are scored higher if they sponsor a greater number of bills.

Endurance — Legislators are scored higher depending on how far their sponsored bills progress in the legislative process. For example, a bill that makes it to the senate floor is weighted more than a bill that never makes it out of committee, and an enacted bill is weighted more than a bill that makes it only to the senate floor.

Substantiveness — Legislators are scored higher if their sponsored bills are substantive (i.e., attempt meaningful change) rather than non-substantive (e.g., a resolution, memorial, or commendation).

You can read the whole story and announcement here:

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